Our Materials

22k Gold Platting

The finesse and durability of our products lies in our 22k gold plating. Subtle yet resilient golden hues that only come with our refined process of gold plating on pure base metals allowing them to retain their gleam and luster over time without the risk of reactions or flaking.

Sterling 925 Silver

Those extra steps we take to ensure our products have 925 sterling silver is so that you can enjoy your night out or enjoy a wedding with the glint and shimmer of real silver beauty that comes with our jewelry.


The unmatched exquisiteness of pearls never ceases over time and we adorn our pieces with the softest shades of white for our pearl sets to make you stand out wherever you are.


No jewelry collection is wholesome without its encrusted precious stones. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, champagne stones are always an integral feature in all of our items available. The finest stones hand carved and etched onto our pieces for your pleasure.