About Us

About Us

How does one combine natural beauty with eccentric taste in a market overladen with overdone designs? You look for exclusivity and vision. This laid the foundation for Miras by Misbah. In 2017, our co-founder Adeel had the epiphany to bring out simplistic yet invigorating designs in jewelry pieces. Something that spoke to everyone. Being a veteran in the jewelry industry from his family business, he saw what the future for jewelry entails and he set out to achieve that with his sister Misbah.

Together they both set out to bring forth unique jewelry pieces adored by women everywhere. From humble beginnings they blossomed into a respectful name that always delivers. Now you can find bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings of the type and quality that is just iconicly Miras. Pure 925 sterling silver combined with semi precious stones etched with 22k gold plating carved out the identity of Miras and today we're just taking the torch of finesse and artisan design ahead for all to see.

Our Philosophy

Miras is a fine jewelry brand that aims to give the modern woman jewelry she can cherish for years to come. Our jewelry is designed to become part of our customers' lives, no matter what the occasion.

Our Values

We at Miras, love thinking outside the box and going beyond the ordinary to pleasantly surprise our customers with creativity. Every day in our thinking and design, we strive for innovation in the pursuit for perfect. We welcome you to the enchanted world of Miras.